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Our product, “InterioHUB” is a web application software developed exclusively for Interior Designers, which can be accessed from Mobiles, Tabs and Laptops. Different Logins can be created for Design team, Civil team, Purchase team, Clients, Vendors etc. which makes it possible to smoothen the communication between teams within the organisation and between the different teams and with the client. Client can involve in each and every step of the interior designing process by giving signoffs starting from 2D, 3D uploads etc. from design team or Material Quotations, Site Measurements etc. from sales team.
Also, there are options to generate customised quotations in standard format within seconds, to schedule the projects with different tasks and assign the same to specific teams or employees and options to track the same, vendor management, asset management, staff management etc.

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Automated quotation generation

Generating customised quotations for each clients with detailed split ups of materials used and other specifications within a matter of seconds. The quotation comes in an elegant format with all the services and portfolio of the company pre saved and the other details alone [materials used, space etc.] varying from client to client.

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Interdepartmental Communication

You can manage your different teams of employees and the communication between them through the admin panel, after creating separate logins for each of these team members. All these history of communication will also be available making the employee efficiency also at increased levels

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Accounts Management

Project wise financials are presented neatly to capture the estimated cost, income received till date, expense till date, profit/loss for different projects etc. in a single glance

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Project Scheduling and Tracking

Option to schedule the projects effectively by assigning tasks to different employees on a daily basis and to make them report back on a daily basis through the same platform even with a file attachment as proof of the work done

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Asset Management

Manage machineries and assets distributed across sites and their transfer history as well. Separate report generation for machineries placed in different sites and net worth of machineries inclusive of all sites and in each site.

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Vendor Management

Daily purchases and cash payment from each vendors can be captured perfectly and from a single line the cumulative commercials for a vendor can be captured. Separate logins can also be created for vendors.

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Sub Contractors Management

Subcontractors associated with the Builders can be managed effectively from this platform by mentioning the quoted amount for each projects separately and the amount that is already paid and the cumulative financials for each subcontractors.

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Staff Management and Payroll

Labours working in different sites can be captured from the respective project managers login and their weekly/monthly payments can be mapped against respective projects. Salary report can be generated project wise, staff wise and based on different time periods.

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Client Management

Clients will also be having a separate login from which they will be able to see the daily work updates in their projects and the payment related details as well. This will give more transparency and trust for the client. They also have options to sign off or re-assign each of the documents uploaded by different teams like 2D, 3D, Quotations etc. and even options to raise queries and take up small maintenance issues with the teams even after project completion

Communication between the teams and clients

Client will be involved in each and every step of the interior designing process, starting from giving sign offs to each and every document uploaded from design team and sales team like 2D, 3D, Material Quotation, Floor plan etc. They can accept or re-assign and track these communications for future reference. Also, its possible to raise queries once the handover is done even, may be for the first few years. This makes it highly transparent and professional from a Customer’s perspective.

Our Approach

Automated Quotation Generation

Project Scheduling and Tracking

Stock Management

Multiple Site Management

Staff Management

Project wise Analysis and Report Generation

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