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About Boutique Manager​

Our software, “Boutique Manager” is a web application software, which can be accessed from Mobiles, Tabs and Laptops. It can be used by Boutique owners for overall management of their Boutiques, Designers for managing orders and Sales team for managing the inventory. Boutique owners also have options to manage multiple stores. Complete accounts can also be maintained from this product with report generations for Profits, Income, Expenses etc. It keep track of order from order received to stitching to delivery. “Boutique Manager” covers all activities and transactions of your business and gives you desired information quickly. We have clients all over India for this product and from abroad as well.

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Order Management

Orders received on a daily basis, committed delivery dates and the quotations shared for each order can be tabulated and used for future reference. Labour cost and Material cost can be calculated exactly for each orders and the profits made from each orders will be autocalculated. Separate pdfs will be generated for Customers [invoice bill], for Tailors [order form with customer measurement details and any style images if provided by client] and for Owner [management bill showing the labour cost and material cost for each orders].

Staff Management

Works assigned to each staffs, their attendance, salary etc. can be managed. Different staffs can be given different login ids. Staffs can be monitored based on their works done for their efficiency, very easily by using “Boutique Manager”

Customer Management

Each customer can be managed from the software, and the complete history of their orders and the amount paid, pending amount etc. can be made available in a single click. Measurements of each customer will be autosaved and in one click the same can be retrieved, saving time while making new orders. Also SMS alerts will be send to customers once an order is marked as finished.

Inventory Management

Manage all the inventories and the stocks get updated based on sales and purchases occurring. Separate reports can be generated for different items making it possible to identify items having high demand and thereby purchasing accordingly

Accounts Management

Accounts can be managed perfectly and separate reports can be generated for Income, Expense and Profits and the same can be filtered based on date, customer and each order as well.

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Order Management

Staff Management


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